New Never Wet Video

Check out this video. You WILL NOT BELIEVE YOUR OWN EYES what this spray can do. After long time of no news about Never Wet I have discovered this new video, so check it out. as every time it is really awesome and you can see some new “tricks” you can do with this spray. Well I’m sure that when this will be available in shops (and I’m sure that will be pretty soon) people will find much more new and crazy uses for it and we will see much more awesome videos like this one.


One thought on “New Never Wet Video

  1. Leow Chuan Siu

    Hi I would like to purchase an never wet spray but I am from Singapore but the zip code for Singapore is 6 digit the website only aloud zip code to be 5 digit so what can I do to purchase a box of never wet spray ? Please reply me to my email

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