Where To buy Never Wet Spray?

Where to buy never wet (or neverwet)? That is question so many people on the web are asking these days. Never wet videos went viral, so there is already huge number of people who would like to buy it, so they try to find it on the web, but if you have also tried, you know that it is not possible. It is really strange, because the company that creates Never Wet said in year 2011 that they will release their product as spray for wide use to “normal” people, so really everyone could buy it. They said that the never wet in form of spray in can will be available in the mid 2012. Well as you probably already know, that just did not happen. I have no idea what happened, but the truth is this product is still not available. I do not know why, but it just so. I hope it will change and that they will finally release this product, because I’m absolutely sure this product will have amazing success on the market.

Well I have some good news for you, if you have seen the latest video video you know that finally it looks never wet will be released quite soon and that there is company Rust-Oleum  which will be marketing this product, because creators of never wet have partnered with them. I’m really very happy that this product is finally getting to the market and when it hits the shops you can be sure that here you will find info where to buy it as soon as possible, so do not forget to bookmark this site, or add us on facebook, twitter or G+ to have the info first and amaze your family and friends with this cool thing.

New Never Wet Video

Check out this video. You WILL NOT BELIEVE YOUR OWN EYES what this spray can do. After long time of no news about Never Wet I have discovered this new video, so check it out. as every time it is really awesome and you can see some new “tricks” you can do with this spray. Well I’m sure that when this will be available in shops (and I’m sure that will be pretty soon) people will find much more new and crazy uses for it and we will see much more awesome videos like this one.


Never Wet underwater iphone video

Do you really love your iphone and are you afraid that it will get wet? Well there was no really cool solution of this problem until now. If you guess that the solution is Never Wet than you are of course right. Well, it will not make your mobile phone completely water proof, that is for sure, but I’m pretty sure that it will protect it from rai and other similar stuff. I really like to party and I have also seen fw mobile phones in glass of beer and the mobile usually did not survive that. Well I think that if those people were using Never Wet, those mobiles would still work.

Do you remember how few posts ago we have mentioned that there are so many possibilities for use of Never wet we already don’t even know? Well, this is without any doubt another one. It is I think absolutely to great to see such things and I’m pretty sure that the most amazing stuff you can do with Never Wet we will see in the future. I’m really looking forward to that.

Until that we can at least enjoy another video from Never Wet where you can see how electronics protected with Never Wet behaves. I think it is something absolutely great. In this video you can see that iphone underwater completely sunk can still work for many minutes. That really looks like this thing can change the world.

Shoes, mud and Never Wet

Do mud and white shoes go together? I don’t think so and really until now it was just impossible to wear white shoes in places where is it really wet or mud. Well in this video with Never Wet which I like probably the most from all videos I have already seen you can see that Never Wet seems working really like magic. well, Never Wet is really nothing magic, it is purse science and that is much better than magic. Well that is of course not all you can see in this video, you can also see how it can perfectly protect your jacket from rain and other stuff.

Never Wet shoe video

In last post I wrote about that Never Wet will have so many application that most of them we do not even have any idea yet. Well, there is one application of Never Wet that made it already very famous and that is application on shoes. If you use Never Wet on shoes the result will be that it of course will not get wet so easy. Well, that is something absolutely great especially in places like where I live where is pretty wet for almost whole year. Well, another and even I think much better result is that such application will result in fact that your shoes will not get dirty so easy. It fact, it will be very hard to make such shoes dirty just by normal use. Isn’t that something amazing? In this video that made Never Wet already so famous you can see how it works on shoes. So here it is, finally, famous Never Wet shoe video.


How does Never Wet work

Probably everyone has already seen those amazing videos with Never Wet and almost everyone after watching those videos asks how does it work. In this short article we will learn something from history of Never Wet and how does Never Wet work.

Never Wet was created in division of Ross Technology Corporation in Pennsylvania, Ross Nanotechnology. Ross Technology is company that sells various products from steel and it is absolutely understandable that such company needed some coating that would prevent steel from corrosion. Problem was really very big, because this company was just not able to find solution, there was simply no product that could satisfy their needs. That was the reason why Ross Nanotechnology was formed. to find suitable coating preventing corrosion for the company.

Never Wet is product based on silicon that has really huge area where it can be used. It is absolutely sure that many other ways how to use it is still not known.

Ok, lets get back to the main question again, how does Never Wet work? It is all about something called contact angle. If you need to keep some surface absolutely dry, you need  contact angle of 180°, this contact angle has absolutely perfect hydrophobic material, that means that the water or other liquid will form a sphere with 180° contact angle. I’m not sure about this, but I think that such material does not exists or is to hard to create. Well, Never wet is really very close to this number and that is the reason why it is so amazing.

For example material like metal have very low contact angle and that means that it will not create droplets, car wax or Teflon has contact angle about 90-95°, well Never Wet has contact angle of from 160-175°, that is really very close to perfect hydrophobic material and the main reason why it works so well. This means really lot, it can be applied in huge area especially in industry, but also in normal life. It can be used on cars, it can be used inside pipes so the liquid will move faster, it can be used on clothes to keep it clean and dry, maybe even protect surfaces agains vandals and who knows how more applications it has. I’m pretty sure that this is one of the biggest inventions of 21. century and we might see how this Never Wet as spray and paint will literally change the world.

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The fact that you are on the web Never Wet means that you have probably already heard about this new amazing spray and you are looking for more info about Never Wet. I really hope that everything you need and want to know about never wet you will find here on this site.